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Channing & Cody’s Engagement Session

Channing and Cody are so awesome! We had a blast during their engagement session that took place at Sunset Cliffs in beautiful San Diego, California. I am looking forward to their wedding later this year.

Sara & Justin’s Wedding

Sara & Justin’s Wedding was awesome! When the reception came around, these people knew how to get down! It’s always a beautiful thing to watch friends and family celebrate together. Congratulations Sara & Justin.

Amber & Jon’s Wedding

Amber and Jon’s wedding was beautiful! Jon proposed to Amber at the library in downtown San Diego. He purchased a brick that read “Will you Marry Me?” that lays in the courtyard right outside of the library.  Fast forward 1 year later, Amber and Jon tied the knot on the rooftop of the library and had their reception there as well. Congratulations Amber and Jon.  I love you guys:)


Renee & Todd’s Wedding. (Shot for Chrisman Studios)

What a beautiful wedding Renee and Todd had in Malibu. The view was spectacular as well as all of their friends and family. I second shot this wedding for Chrisman Studios. You HAVE to check out this wedding there. Click the link NOW!:)

The Nikon D750 Review

When Nikon Rumors first broke the story of a new full frame DSLR coming from Nikon called the D750, we all got excited. We kept our eyes glued to the internet awaiting the details as they started to roll in. A 51 point auto focus system, built in wifi, tilt screen, 24.3 mp sensor and the list kept getting better and better. But what’s the catch? What feature or features would be left out? What would hold this camera back from being great? When the max shutter speed of 1/4000 was announced I thought, “ok, hear it comes.” But it stopped there. Then Nikon announced the camera at Photokina and shocked the world with a $2,299.95 price tag. It was a no brainer.

I put this camera to the test and shot a 10 hour wedding with it over the weekend. I shot it along side of the D4, so it had it’s work cut out for it. The first thing you will notice about the D750 when you pick it up is the grip. It is deep and extremely comfortable to hold. It’s light weight and feels really solid. I’m not going to go into details about the specs on this camera but if you are interested in those you can find them here.

The auto focus system on this camera is insanely good. When shooting a macro lens, it can be a little difficult to nail the the focus. You find yourself hitting the focus button over and over again to get the camera to hit the area of interest. I have to say the D750 excelled in this area. It blew me away by how accurate and quickly it achieved focus. The D750 out performs the D4 in this category.

The D750 continued to shine as the day moved along. It showed me right away that it’s the real deal and can handle anything I threw at it. I think I actually heard it say “Come on, is that the best you got?” I knew a dark reception was quickly approaching so I told it to “Not be so cocky” and “We’ll see what your made of.” In the mean time, it went on the nail the focus on every single shot of the bride walking down the isle at 6.5 FPS with an impressive buffer rate. I shot all RAW files during this wedding, so we’re not talking about fine jpegs. I had full confidence in the D750. It was no longer being “tested” but being used.

The reception began and I thought “If there is going to be a weakness with this camera, I’m going to see it now.” I used my 85mm and shot the first dance pretty shallow at around f2. It laughed at me. That’s when I knew that this camera is no joke and is a “must have” for any professional photographer.

The files are gorgeous! As I await Lightroom support for the D750, I processed these images with Nikon Capture NX-D which you can download for free here.

So a lot of people are asking me where this camera fits in the Nikon FX line up? My answer is simple. IF you are in the market for a new DLSR, do NOT buy the D610. Get the D750. If, for some reason you truly believe you NEED a D810 then go for it. BUT it’s $1,000 more for not that much more of a camera. Actually, less. There is no tilt screen, and no built in wifi. The D810 is awesome, don’t get me wrong. Only you know what you are shooting and what tools you need to best get the job done. For most, the best tool is the D750. I am actually considering selling the D4 and getting a second D750. It’s that good!

I used the built in wifi feature during the wedding to quickly get a photo on my phone to share online in almost real time. It works without a hitch. Some people are complaining about the security risk from others getting your photos off of the camera. I’m sure this will be addressed in a firmware update, but until then I’m not worried about it. By default, the wifi in the camera is off. The chances of somebody at the wedding logging on the the D750’s wifi for the 2 minutes that I have it on, opening up the Nikon WMU application and taking images off of my camera is highly unlikely. But even the possibility is a concern for some.

Overall this camera is fantastic, especially at the price point. The ISO performance is really good. I don’t often find myself over the 6400 mark and even there the files are pretty clean. The D750 allows for 1/250 s (Auto FP) flash sync so get creative with your off camera lighting in the middle of the day. The 1/4000 shutter speed limit is not a big deal to me. The LO ISO in this camera will give you some extra wiggle room when shooting larger f stops.

BUY this camera today! You will not be disappointed. I get all of my gear at Adorama and you should too. Click the link the take you there.



The image on top of the actual camera is from the Adorama website.

Felipe OsorioOctober 11, 2014 - 10:27 am

Right now I’m rocking my two Canon’s which are questionably…”over the hill”. I love my 5DmkII and love my 7D also for it’s fast shutter speed and cropped sensor when I need to get in extra tight. That said, I started out with Nikon D80 & D300 and now with this D750 it might just be the “one”. Plus, your work is awesome and would really love to shoot 2nd for you in the near future! Do you only shoot with Nikon shooters?

Joshua DwainOctober 9, 2014 - 8:50 pm

Great review! I’m considering getting smaller cameras coming from my D4.

Albert SilverSeptember 30, 2014 - 2:35 pm

The WiFi security is off by default, and can be turned on, with your chosen password, in the camera’s menus. Note this is true of all devices and routers, so no idea what the ruckus is about.

Note that you are not alone in praising the D750, and another wedding photographer who shot dual D3s agreed with your assessment.

Here is his review: