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Natalie & Johnny

Natalie & Johnny are so awesome. I first spoke to them last year when they were inquiring about their 2014 wedding at the Sony Studios lot on Los Angeles CA. I wanted to work with them so badly and I was ecstatic when they hired me. The wedding was perfect!  It was clear as day to me on just how close Johnny was to his family and just how much every guest that attended meant to him. This brought the love level through the roof and it could be felt for over miles away. For those few hours we were in our own little world of celebration and I am so honored to have been a part of that. Best of wishes to Natalie & Johnny!

Alexandra & Jonathan

Alexandra and Jonathan are probably the coolest people ever! Things normally don’t go as planned on a wedding day but when the party bus thats carrying the groom and his entire wedding party fails to show up, that can usually throw things off schedule. Alex and Jon stayed calm and figured out a plan B. When something like this happens, it can ruin the day for many brides and grooms. It’s all about your attitude. They shrugged it off and had the time of their lives. It’s now a funny story that they can share with people when they talk about their wedding day.

Jenny & Mike

Jenny & Mike got married at “The Martin House” in beautiful La Jolla. The day was just perfect! The sacrifices that this couple has had to make to be together are truly a story for the big screen. In the end they will live happily ever after. Congratulations Jenny & Mike!

Laura & Andy

When I first met Laura & Andy I fell in love. I wanted to photograph their wedding so badly. When they hired me I was so excited because I knew what was to come. We had so much fun during their engagement session which you can see here. This wedding was a blast to shoot. Laura & Andy are so cool and so were all of their guests. These people know how to party! Congratulations Laura & Andy. I love you guys:)I also want to thank Kristina Cazares Neri for shooting this wedding with me.

Stephanie & Nate’s Wedding

Stephanie & Nate are awesome! I fell in love with this couple the first time I spoke to them. Our initial conversation lasted over an hour and a half and we talked about everything! I couldn’t wait to meet them. When that day came we picked up right where we left off. We drank coffee and learned a lot about each other. I couldn’t wait to work with them. We had a blast on their engagement session which you can see here. I look forward to every wedding that I shoot but this one I was particularly excited for. Best of luck to Stephanie & Nate!  I love you guys!